Latest BaZing Update Adds Notifications to Popular Money-Saving App

It's hard keeping track of the best deals, special offers and coupons. You know they can save you money, but you forget you have them or just run out of time. It happens. A lot.

But there's a solution for that, one that doesn't require you to do a thing. All it takes is the BaZing app and your smartphone. The rest, literally, comes to you.

The latest update to the BaZing app for iPhone and Android devices introduces notifications. Now, whenever you're within 50 meters of a merchant offering a great deal through BaZing, your cellphone will light up with a message alerting you. The notification appears on your phone even if the app isn't open - just slide it to view the nearby offer. You'll never miss a deal again.

In the BaZing app, notifications can be managed under App Settings. Control is yours – choose to receive notifications from all merchants or just your favorite categories like dining or shopping. You can even choose to receive notifications from specific merchants. Just make sure Location Services is turned on for the BaZing app and let the deals come to you.

If you have any trouble though, the app makes finding help that much easier. Under More you'll find buttons to Call or Email right there in the app. It's as easy as that.

BaZing, of course, isn't like most checking accounts. Not only does it come with money-saving special deals exclusive to account holders, but it allows customers to take advantage of additional benefits like identity restoration, cell phone protection and roadside assistance. It's a mighty checking account unlike any other.

"BaZing is more than a checking account," said Rachael Godden, retail banking officer for Guaranty Bank. "It assists customers in every aspect of their life by providing identity theft restoration, cell phone protection, recreational coupons, pharmacy discounts and travel assistance."

Powered by your checking account, BaZing saves you money with more than 300,000 merchant discounts. From grocery coupons to yoga, BaZing helps you save on things you're likely already using. Want to enjoy a nice dinner at Touch or order in pizza from Domino's? They've got discounts for BaZing customers at this very moment.

BaZing starts with a $6 fee per month, but there are simple ways to bring that fee all the way down to zero. Enrolling in e-statements knocks off $1 plus the fee is reduced by 10 cents with every debit card swipe.

"The value that you receive with this account is significant," said Stephanie Rutledge, Guaranty Bank's director of consumer sales and customer experience. "If you take advantage of one coupon per month, you can offset your monthly fee. You won't find a more reasonable cost for cell phone protection, ID restoration or roadside assistance. It is one convenient fee per month to give you the peace of mind that if something happens, you are covered."

If you already have a Guaranty Bank Advantage Checking Account or Eagle Checking Account, you can still enjoy all the perks that come with BaZing for just $4.

"Our customers have really appreciated all the benefits BaZing provides at such a low cost," Godden said. "You can't pay for all these services for $6 or less a month."

For more information on Guaranty Bank's BaZing checking account or to open one now CLICK HERE. To download the app search for "BaZing" in the iTunes App Store and on Google Play.

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